HS Math 1 Syllabus [DOC] | HS Math 1 Syllabus [PDF]

MS Math 3 Syllabus [DOC] | MS Math 3 Syllabus [PDF]

Applied Math Elective Syllabus [DOC] | Applied Math Elective Syllabus [PDF]

Classroom Procedures

  • Come to class prepared.  This includes: notebook or binder, textbook(s), assignments, folder, agenda, pencil and pen (for grading).
  • Follow the rules for conduct posted in the classroom.
  • Come to class on time

Syllabus Addresses: Classroom Procedures, Homework, Tests, Absent Work, Notes, and Behavior Management Plan


study skills

*Don't wait until the night before a test to study.

*Study in small amounts leading up to the test.

*Use old notes and homework to review what you know and what you didn't understand the first time.

*Use your book! It has a glossary in the back and lots of step by step examples.

*Don't study with the TV on. (However, some people study better while listening to music.)

*In order to REALLY understand math problems, you need to work them out yourself.

homework tips

*If you don't understand a problem, circle or highlight the number. This way we can go over it in class and you will remember which problem to ask me about.

*Try solving the problem on your own FIRST. Next place to look is your notes, then book, then teacher or fellow classmate.

*I'm available before school or after school if you need tutoring. You can also come visit me during Advisory or Flex.

Extra Credit Opportunities

Check calendar often and ask Mrs. Getz in class (but not during a lesson)