about mrs. getz

*I'm from East Peoria, IL. Awww, EP!
*I went to ICC for two years before transferring into SIUE's teaching program.
*I studied abroad for three weeks in Liverpool, England after graduation. I helped student teach in a school with grades K-5.
*2013-2014 marks my 6th year of teaching.
*If I could meet anyone in the world it would be Jimmy Fallon. I love that he laughs at his own jokes!
*Eighth grade was my favorite school year. I still remember all of my teachers and things that happened in their classrooms.
*I have a Cocker Spaniel dog named Tucker. He is the cutest dog ever!
*I love the St. Louis Cardinals!
*Although math is my favorite subject, reading is my favorite pastime and has been since I was young.
*Favorite food you ask? Cookies.

Go back in time 14 years, when I was in 8th grade...

*I was secretary of Student Council.
*I was 5'0'' (which means I have only grown two inches since then).
*I fell down a flight of stairs in front of my crush.
*If you looked in my cd player you would find a Jock Jams 3 or 98 Degrees cd.
*My AOL screen name was LilBeal22.
*I had never eaten a taco.
*Believe it or not, I did NOT own a cell phone.

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Mrs. Jamie Getz

Mrs. Jamie Getz
Prospect Ridge Academy
2555 Preble Creek Pkwy
Broomfield, CO 80023-8096